Windows Commander

Windows Commander

This tool let you administer in a easy way your files and disks
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Windows commander is for all old school tools lovers, who remember DOS based command tools that lets you copy, paste, check, compare, etc, your files and directories. Windows Commander lets you even connect to your network resources, so you can administer from a single point your files.
For a novice user seems a bit confusing with lot of features including:
- Search
- Group
- Transfer
- Encode
- Decode
- Create Checksums
- Associate
For standard users has many common tools and shortcuts to navigate folders, copy, compare, rename files, etc.
Even comes with his own command prompt tool called "wincmd", from there you can run your command lines.
This tool is free for first 30 days, and then you need to register it.
Windows commanders resume in a single program many windows tools for configuration and administration of your files and resources; you can connect to FTP sites, share directories, synchronize directories and pack archives.
Even if you don’t want to click, it has many keyboard combinations to perform common commands.

Kevin Brenes
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  • Lots of functions for advanced users
  • Simple design
  • Menu by function
  • Free for 30 days


  • Confusing for Novice users
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